Our Team

Fintech was created in 2004 by Oliver Stuart-Menteth as a result of growing demand from lessors and finance houses requiring professional assistance within the aviation lease and finance sector. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland but operates globally with personnel based in Europe and Asia.


Managing Director

Oliver is Managing Director and is responsible for the management and completion of Fintech’s aviation projects. He offers engineering expertise with financial and commercial comprehension. He has decades of experience in aviation engineering and over 25 years specifically in the leasing and appraisal sector.


Co-Founder & Director

Caroline is co-founder and Director, HR and Office management, responsible for the operational connection between Fintech and its clients. Her decades of experience in event and business management  brings strength to any forward planning and resource management needed on client projects


Asset Manager & Data Analyst

Rob is Fintech’s Data Analyst Expert and is involved in the co-production of the Fintech single and twin aisle guides (SAAV and TAAV). He offers engineering expertise with a keen eye on detail and a sharp extensive knowledge of Technical Documentation. His recent experience in the delivery and redelivery of the Dash400 series gives him a strong skill set in communication and team working and is an asset to many of Fintech’s projects.

Bob is an associate working for Fintech on a project by project basis. He possesses good organisational skills and has great ability to work and liaise with pilots and engineers at all level. Recently working as a Base Maintenance Representative his unique mix of technical expertise and hands on experience lends a confidence to any of Fintech’s projects.


Technical Associate

Duan XiaoGe is a certified CAAC engineer and worked previously for China Northwest Airlines for 13 years in a variety of technical roles. During his last position as Fleet Manager Engineering Duan was primarily responsible for integrating and phasing out aircraft from the fleet. He has been operating within the leasing industry since 2001 and is an extremely experienced technical representative, with a good command of English, who is able to work efficiently within a variety of roles. His ability to work in Mandarin or English is obviously of great benefit to our clients when dealing with incumbent carriers.

The Single Aisle Aircraft Valuation (SAAV)™ Guide

The essential guide to the most frequently financed single-aisle, regional jet and turboprop aircraft

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The Single Aisle Aircraft Valuation (SAAV)™ Guide

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