The Single-Aisle Aircraft Value™ Guide (SAAV)

The Single Aisle Aircraft Value (SAAV)™ Guide is the investor’s essential guide to the most frequently financed Single-Aisle, Regional Jet and Turboprop aircraft.   Spanning the 50 to 220 seat market, the SAAV™ Guide has been created as an all-encompassing reference document, providing clients with type specific market commentary, programme metrics and specification related value matrices.   In addition, operating lease rates and maintenance costs are also provided.  Our future value model encapsulates realistic economic lives, importation age restrictions and end of line effect.   

The SAAV™ Guide is a breath of fresh air for its ease of comprehension and its wealth of useful data. An indispensable resource for the commercial aircraft asset manager.

The SAAV™ Guide includes the following:

The SAAV™ Guide includes the following: 

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